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6 Months

Developmental Milestones by the End of 6 Months:

Social and Emotional:

· Knows familiar faces

· Laughs and squeals with delight

· Screams if annoyed

· Smiles at herself in a mirror

Hearing and Speech:

· Babbles, making almost sing-song sounds

· Makes many different sounds, including p, b, & m

· Gurgles when playing with you and when left alone

· Responds to “no” and a changed tone of voice

· Looks around and notices the source of new sounds

· Notices toys that make sounds


· Holds head steady when sitting with your help

· Reaches for and grasps objects

· Plays with his/her toes

· Helps hold bottle during feeding

· Explores by mouthing and banging objects

· Moves toys from one hand to the other

· Shakes a rattle

· Pulls up to a sitting position on his/her own if you grasp her hands

· Sit with only a little support

· Sit in a high chair

· Roll over

· Bounce when held in a standing position

Therapy Town

TherapySource for Kids is well known for the development of "Therapy Town".  It is our way of making therapy enjoyable and exciting for your child.  Click on the picture to get started at TherapySource for Kids.

Development Stages

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Age based developmental milestones include speech and language, social, emotional, cognitive, movement and more.

Therapy that Works

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At TherapySource for Kids we have developed a therapy that is natural to the child.  Our goal is to bring them to their desired destination with therapy in an atmosphere that is enjoyable.