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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy promotes strength, movement, improved range or motion, improved balance, and functional independence at the highest level possible. Our physical therapists work closely to help children develop the independence necessary to successfully participate in their environments. Our staff will also fit, size and order orthotics for patients when appropriate or as needed. At TherapySource for Kids, it is our goal to make the most of each child's abilities as opposed to focusing on their disabilities.

Primary diagnoses and treatments include the following:

* Gross Motor Development
* Neuromuscular disorders
* Prematurity
* Genetic syndromes
* Visual Impairment
* Torticollis
* Brachial Plexus Injuries
* Sports Medicine and orthopedics
* Neurodevelopmental Treatment (NDT)
* Splinting/Casting/Orthotics
* Adaptive Equipment
* Wheelchair Positioning and Mobility
* Motor Learning
* Motor Control
* Endurance
* Pre-gait and Gait Training

We provide scheduled evaluations for your child which will help determine if they will require further treatment. Our therapists will then implement an individualized treatment plan for your child's need. If you think your child may been in need of physical therapy, please contact us for a consultation or screening; we can also discuss the possibility of in-home services with you at that time.

Therapy Town

TherapySource for Kids is well known for the development of "Therapy Town".  It is our way of making therapy enjoyable and exciting for your child.  Click on the picture to get started at TherapySource for Kids.

Development Stages

association, audiology, > speech-language pathology, speech therapist

Age based developmental milestones include speech and language, social, emotional, cognitive, movement and more.

Therapy that Works

speech, language, hearing

At TherapySource for Kids we have developed a therapy that is natural to the child.  Our goal is to bring them to their desired destination with therapy in an atmosphere that is enjoyable.