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9 Months

Developmental Milestones For 6-9 Months:


· Mimics facial expressions

· Exhibits moods with varied sounds and body movements

· May be shy or afraid of strangers

· Responds to her name

· Raises arms to signal her wanting to be picked up

· Likes her reflection

Speech and Language:

· Longer and more varied sounds

· Experiments with different volumes and pitches of sounds

· Makes 2-syllabled sounds

· Turns head to sounds that originate outside of her immediate area


· Studies objects

· Concentrates on one toy at a time

· Analyzes what to do with her toy

· Understands the nesting of objects

· Understands an object might be behind something


· Can sit

· Rolls over both ways

· Can stand if leaning on other object

· Points at objects

· Picks up small objects with thumb and finger

· Reaches accurately

· Can feed herself

· Can drink from a cup

· Gets up on all fours and rocks

Therapy Town

TherapySource for Kids is well known for the development of "Therapy Town".  It is our way of making therapy enjoyable and exciting for your child.  Click on the picture to get started at TherapySource for Kids.

Development Stages

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Age based developmental milestones include speech and language, social, emotional, cognitive, movement and more.

Therapy that Works

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At TherapySource for Kids we have developed a therapy that is natural to the child.  Our goal is to bring them to their desired destination with therapy in an atmosphere that is enjoyable.